Our Staff

Our account management team and security supervisors have developed strong relationships within the private security industry. All senior management staff has a combined fifty years security and law enforcement experience.

Our security personnel are highly-trained, fully accredited professionals who have an intimate knowledge of our client’s service requirements, ensuring that we meet contractual obligations and a high level of customer service, with a 24/7 contact with your account manager.

After serving 41 years at NSW RailCorp. Peter joined Melnor’s Security Operations Division in 2014
Peter will hold responsibilities associated with:

  • Payroll * HR Employment
  • Accounts & Procurement
  • Policies for Employees
  • Site Planning

As a senior member of the management team, Peter will work closely with clients and their staff assigned to the post. He will also conduct QA Assessments and ensure all feedback is reviewed. and reported back to the Director

Diana Astin joins Melnor Security with an extensive level of customer service, employee relations, security and corporate affairs management systems.

Diana is known for her specialist skills in marketing and communications, with a range of industry experience including.

  • EEO Policy Management
  • Staff Training & Supervision
  • OH&S and Auditing

Reporting to the Managing Director, her role will involve dealing with multiple tasks and stakeholders (senior executives, customers, managers, salespersons, operations, and suppliers) often on very tight deadlines. Diana will play an important part to ensuring KPI’s and contractual obligations are carried out as per the customer’s needs

Hayden Moore is our resident WHS Advisor / Business Analyst providing guidance within the areas of Customer Satisfaction, Marketing, Process enhancement, accreditation, certifications and compliance software management.

Hayden has spent 20 years in the Mining, Communications, Consulting, Transport, Design, Engineering, B2B and Retail industries. He’s external introspective approach is vital in helping us achieve the Triple Accreditation. He has assisted over 15 different organisations achieve varying levels of accreditation during his career.