Support to our Services

Dedicated Account Managers

Dedicated account managers are chosen and supplied 24/7 to each permanently guarded location. The Account Manager is also provided direct access to a member of Senior Management to ensure you are provided efficient responses to any queries or issues that may arise.

Site Specific Post Orders

After a complete assessment of your site requirements, our staff will prepare a custom-printed site post orders, where all security staff will be briefed and trained in accordance to these orders.

Regular Meetings

During our contractual period, we will have regular meetings to discuss our services and seek feedback about our commitment to your requirements. Quality feedback will support our plan to enhance our services to you throughout the future.

Incident Reporting

Melnor provide an Incident Report for all Alarm response with the report being utilised for insurance claims or other investigations. These can be completed in your format or ours.

Attendance Reports

 Major sites can have an electronic attendance system installed. Patrol officers will connect an electronic programmed button to your specific areas, which will record their visit

Planning (Events and Permanent Guards)

All our event services include the provision of a We will provide our customers with an Security Plan. The plan will demonstrate the positioning of security staff, the location of first-aid stations, police, ambulance and site / event managers.

Integrated and Accredited Management Systems

Melnor has a structured, audited, integrated and accredited Management System that utilises proven quality techniques to ensure the services we provide are geared for your satisfaction and the successful completion of the works.